Odyssey Back Office

A great Point of Sale system is nothing without a Powerful Back Office. Manage or View Stock, Stock Control. Create unlimited stock items with multiple prices. Cost prices are calculated automatically and selling prices can be set by desired Markup or GP. Categorise stock in departments to enhance stock management and sales reports customers and Sales with our Desktop or Cloud Back Office options.

Debtors and Creditors

Our customer and supplier modules, provide users with the ability to have full control and management over buying and selling accounts. The applications include the accounting and financial functions needed to calculate amounts such as interest, discount and refunds. Our automated month-end process will email statements and / or print hem for customers who do not have email or fax. Facilities.

Stock Orders

This new feature provides Branches with the option to place orders at Head Office / Warehouse instead of directly with Suppliers. This ensures that Head Office / Warehouse can ultimately finalize quantities and pricing before placing an order with their suppliers. This feature even allows different Branch orders to be combined into one big order, grouped per supplier.

Stock Management

The Odyssey Back Office system allows you to do a complete stock take or individual stock takes according to previously created stock lists. This means that you can create stock lists either by department or by shelf and bin locations.

  • Profit and loss reports
  • Items not counted reports
  • Print stocktakes sheets either per shelf, bin, numerical or alphabetical.


Very fast and powerful reporting system. What is more important than viewing easy to use yet powerful reports? You can have the best and fastest point-of-sale system installed, but if it does not provide you with information, it is useless. Our reports cover everything, and you will be able to view unlimited history and even compare previous years with current sales. Easy to read dashboards that can show turnover and comparison reports in word, excel or 3D charts.

  • Stock on Hand Reports
  • Stock Reorder Reports
  • Daily Turnover reports
  • Stock Movement Reports
  • Best Performing Items
  • Sales per Clerk reports
  • Supervisor Reports
  • End of Month Reports
  • Best Performing Items

Branch Turnover Dashboard

Previously Odyssey allowed you to link your Branches to the Head Office. Through these links you could change prices, create new items, do IBTs etc. Odyssey now took branch linking a step further allowing you to receive remote Orders, view Branch Turnovers figures, Stock on Hand with Movement and various other Branch related data.

Odyssey Dashboard App

With our powerful Dashboard app sales stats are at your fingertips were ever you are. See info like best performing products and daily turnover. You can even view and compare different stores stats on one screen. If you’re worried about what staff get up to when you’re not there the supervisor reports are perfect to view voids, refunds and audit info.

Main Features

Improved View Summary and option to add and switch between Branches
Create and Edit Stock
Summary and Supervisor Reports
Scan labels from shelves or products to reprint when prices are updated
Use your phone to count stock quickly and effectively. No need for an expensive Stock Scanner
Label Reprints
Too busy to spend hours at the Office. Now you can check in on Sales and Staff with our great summary reports
No more delays until your back at the office. Add stock and manage prices on the go

Workflow, Email and SMS

Automated reports to managers /owners at the end of each day
Systems will automatically email or SMS owner’s daily statistics
Work from your office or home online through ADSL or 3G, connect to any store
Manager can view shop turnovers/ sales remotely from anywhere with our online reports
Automated month end reports, Odyssey can now email or print statements as requested by each client
Set up Workflow rules to remind user of stock takes due, profit on stock that falls below department mark up, stock the dips below minimum levels set and more

With over 15 years of POS experience, you can be assured your business in the right hands whether it be technical support or consulting we will help your business grow in the right direction.

All our experienced and dedicated staff have experience within the retail and hospitality trade therefore we understand the importance of ensuring your POS system is running smoothly always.

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