Odyssey Retail Software

Software made for the following retail industries Clothing Stores, Pet Stores, Grocery Stores, Shoe Stores, Electronic Stores, Furniture Stores, Liquor Stores, Butcheries and more…

Odyssey desktop Point of Sale makes it easy for any business to start selling its products simpler and more efficiently. Effectively boosting sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

Loyalty Cards

Reward your customers

Our online Loyalty Card system now allows store owners to keep track of customer purchases, as well as reward loyal customers for their purchases, encouraging them to spend again. Customers can scan their club card or special barcode on Odyssey Desktop or Android Point of Sale with the option to earn and / or redeem points. Customers can view their points balance at the bottom of slip print.


Lay-Buy’s form an integral part of customer service in the modern business. Odyssey allows you to create Lay-Buy accounts and thereby keep track of stock on Lay-Buy as well as the total amount outstanding on Lay-Buy.

Delivery / Distribution

Driver and Vehicle Allocation Create and manage multiple delivery vehicles with specific load capacities. Odyssey will use these capacities to calculate and warn users of loads to big when assigned to a driver and linked to a certain vehicle.

New Specials with Mix and Match

In Odyssey you can create seasonal specials linked to as many branches and / or POS Machines. You can set automatic start and end dates with time intervals. Start these specials on any given day for happy hours or extended periods. Cashier pop up message available to remind customers of specials. Examples of what can be done! Items at discounted prices for any given period or while stocks last. Bulk discounts for volume sales or contract prices per customer. Buy any 2 items in a department and get the third item at half price. Buy any two grouped items and only pay for the least expensive item. Buy a DVD player and get the first two DVDs at half price.

Odyssey point of sale Simplistic Reports

Over the last 20 years we have listen to our customers and have built up a range of straightforward reports. Some of these reports are: Best Seller report, Slow Mover, Invoices, Customer Sales, Daily Turnover and Audit reports.

Odyssey point of sale Customer Accounts

Provide customers an account payment option where you set the terms, for example Weekly or 30 Days. Set account discounts and interest per customer. Send out monthly statements in one go and remind customer of payments due with a text message.


A few additional features were added to the Quote module. These features improve Quotation flow and performance management of sales staff. Salesman View – Reps now have access to info like Monthly Targets, Quote Pipelines and a Performance breakdown. All tools that should encourage better performance. Overview Dashboard – See turnover and Profit per Sales representative, monthly Best Performers, Front Runners and breakdown per user.

Odyssey point of sale Stock Properties

Set how stock should behave when used in sales. From Refer codes that helps you manage cases and six packs to combined items when need to build recipes are put together. There is a property for almost environment.

Combine Empties & Crates

A new pack description property on stock items allows you to create a “Major Combined Item”. When customers bring back empty bottles and crates, Odyssey will accumulate the combined result. Breweries only take back full crates. Odyssey will match every 12 empties to a crate. So, when the supplier arrives, it is a quick one step process to see how many full crates there are to be returned.

Block Test System for Butcheries

Allows butchery owners to create block tests. For most butcheries the process of pricing meat can be a very daunting task. Our integrated butchery module helps retailers to break a carcass up in small cuts and calculate the cost per cut. So, although you are paying R50.00 per kilo, the price of the FAT, RIB, BONES and all other cuts must be calculated according to various factors.

  • Prices calculated in Block Testing are assigned to prices in Odyssey.
  • Odyssey performs all the necessary calculations for you.

Clothing store matrix

View available stock on hand over locations. Supporting colour size matrix items Handle colour / size matrix items much better.

Odyssey point of sale Suppliers

Create and link unlimited suppliers to stock items with supplier specific stock codes. Compare and negotiate set prices per supplier. Automatically filter out selected supplier stock as goods are ordered. Review supplier price changes with supplier reports.


Scan Documents during GR Process:

You can now convert a normal PDF or image files into GRVs.Simply scan a sample Invoice and map the relevant Odyssey fields to the fields from the invoice. With this powerful feature you never have to manually type in invoices again, improving accuracy and efficiency at the same time.

Block GRVs from being processed twice:

To prevent duplicate processing Odyssey now compares processed GRVs with GRVs open on any local Back Office before it is processed again.

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