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Restaurant POS Systems

Our Point of Sale for Restaurants offers full stock control, debtors, creditors, recipe and staff management to manage your entire restaurant alongside all the great features that are required to keep you informed on what is happening in your business. With our dedicated and qualified staff over 20 years of combined experience we can supply you with the necessary tools to run your business. From a small coffee shop to a large resort Platinum Point of Sale for Restaurant has a solution to suit your requirements.

Outright purchase, rent to own or lease, our flexible payment options make it affordable to take your business into the future.

Restaurant POS Systems 1

Restaurant Floor Management

  • Track kitchen orders with ease, remote kitchen printer or via our famous Kitchen Display Unit
  • View order times at the click of a button
  • Manage waitron tables or bar tabs from any point

Restaurant Reservation System

  • Cash up waitrons at the click of a button
  • Manage and control waitron tips
  • In-House task manager to control waitron / staff duties
  • View restaurant dashboard report at a click of a button
  • Monitor waitrons performance
  • Link to Waitron - Pager System for kitchen to alert staff of orders that are completed
  • Point of Sale for Restaurant

Stock Management and Recipe Explosion

  • Add New Item, compile recipes and maintain costing’s, GP’s on a single screen
  • Maintain min stock levels and generate re-order reports as needed
  • Make use of the production batch system for items that are manufactured within the restaurant
  • Track consumption in the kitchen by a click on a button
  • Separate kitchen stock from Bar stock to manage variances more efficiently
  • Multiple stock locations available

Staff Management and Security

  • Clock in and Out system for ALL staff members
  • Generate shift and wage reports for all staff
  • Login via code, fingerprint reader or swipe card
  • Multi levels of security
Restaurant POS Systems 2
Restaurant POS Systems 3

Food and Beverage Costing

  • Manage Food and Beverage costing daily
  • Generate sales and cost of sales reports per food and beverage departments and sub departments if need be
  • Point of Sale for Restaurant

Ordering and Receiving

  • Create purchase orders per supplier and generate orders according to minimum stock levels
  • Create standing orders for items like, dairy products that are delivered daily
  • Track costing per supplier and ensure you are getting the best deal from your suppliers
  • Convert Purchase orders into Goods Received notes to save time
  • Full creditor system to manage invoices and payments>

Debtors - Customers – Loyalty

  • Powerful debtor management system
  • Multiple price levels and discount structures for debtors
  • Customer loyalty program included – Earn and Redeem Points on site
  • Print Statements at month end
  • Detailed itemised debtor reports
  • Debtor age analysis
  • Staff and Management debtors available
  • Cashless system for clubs


  • All reports generated are date – time range
  • No month end procedure
  • Export to excel
  • Detailed stock movement and purchasing reports daily / monthly / weekly
  • Sales analysis reports per plu, department, major department and per waitron
  • Sales journal reports include all Point of Sale activity, voids, errors, media sales, discounts and a user journal
  • Income Statement and Vat Analysis available
Restaurant POS Systems 4
Restaurant POS Systems 5

Head Office Management

  • Manage recipes and items from head office
  • Ensure the franchisee has accurate recipes and food costing always
  • Online reporting available per store or region
  • Purchase orders can be generated at store level and sent to head office, extremely efficient for a Central Store environment

Platinum Cloud

  • Online Reporting and Business Management Portal
  • Real time financial and sales analysis reporting
  • Manage, create and edit your products in the cloud
*Platinum Cloud puts the power back in your hands 24 hours a day from any device anywhere!

Platinum Mobile Sales App

  • View sales and other important data LIVE from your mobile device
  • Analyse data, daily, monthly and yearly
  • Multiple branch management – view all businesses from one app
  • Maintain budgets per branch and monitor store performance
Restaurant POS Systems 6
Restaurant POS Systems 7

Platinum Integrated SMS

Owners receive daily ‘Day End’ figures

  • Owners receive hourly turnover figures
  • Send account balances to all your debtors
  • Send loyalty points balances
  • Send specials and promotions to your customers
  • Send important messages to all staff

Platinum Tablet POS

  • The most feature packed POS Tablet on the market
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Increase speed of service to your customers
  • Prices and specials at your waitrons fingertips

Platinum Digital Menu Boards

  • 100% real-time price and item updates
  • Change menus on the fly at zero cost
  • Live specials and event information
  • Upload images when and how you want
  • LED TV and tablet interface

Platinum Apex

  • Live Dashboard with all your vital information
  • Live Kitchen and bar orders with average order times
  • Live Digital Menu Board with immediate changes on the fly
  • Add loyalty customers and handle complaints

*Give your managers the power of Platinum Apex to keep your business running smoothly!

With over 15 years of POS experience you can be assured your business in the right hands whether it be technical support or consulting we will help your business grow in the right direction. All our experienced and dedicated staff have experience within the retail and hospitality trade therefore we understand the importance of ensuring your POS system is running smoothly always.

For More Information and Resources regarding bar POS systems and club POS systems Phone Postech Direct for more information or to arrange a demo.

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