MT 4008W

MT-4008W (U.S. Patent 9436226 B2) is specifically created for both retail and hospitality segments. It is an 8” tablet that supports MSR attachment, and can be integrated with the choice of a detachable pistol grip or a hand strap depending on the application. Moreover, an optional dock station with the printer support allows the device to have the features and functionality as an all-in-one POS.

MT-4008W/R Retail Package: MT-4008W Tablet + PG-200 Pistol Grip + 1 * RB-3000 Removable Battery + 1 * Touch Pen (Scanner, MSR, RFID & DS-200/210 dock station optional)

MT-4008W/H Hospitality Package: MT-4008W Tablet with Hand Strap + 1 * Touch Pen (MSR, RFID & DS-300/310 dock station optional)

Ergonomic Design

Pistol grip shape handle is ergonomically designed for easy handling of the tablet.

Extra Protection

Hand strap strengthens the stability and eases user’s fatigue during the hours of work.

All-in-one Solution

Optional dock station equips with a built-in 3” thermal printer and various I/O connectivity; once the tablet is integrated with the dock station, an all-in-one POS is instantly at your disposal.

Versatile Function

MSR attachment and 1D or 2D barcode scanner built in the pistol grip; MT-4008W offers more than just mobility but versatility.

Long Hour Operation

MT-4008W is designed with advanced power saving technology that provides long battery life for daily operation. The pistol grip also houses a removable battery that can vastly extend the overall operating time.

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