Android mini-POS

Introducing our revolutionary Mobile POS solution for restaurants and retail clients – the Android Mini POS. Designed to streamline your business operations, our branded box comes equipped with everything you need, including a pre-linked bank account, SIM card, and essential payment applications. With seamless merchant onboarding directly on the device upon its first power-up, all FICA and RICA processes are automatically handled in the background.

The new commercial implication is transformative. Picture a scenario where a waiter can swiftly send a table’s order to the kitchen directly from the device, eliminating the delay of returning to service other tables. Subsequently, the same device allows the waiter to effortlessly collect payments with split billing. Customers have the flexibility to pay through various methods including card tap, dip, or swipe, as well as dynamic payment solutions like Masterpass, Zapper, Snapscan, or QR codes—all of which can be remotely activated by us. This seamless integration of ordering and payment processes enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction, making transactions smoother and more convenient for both staff and patrons.

Now, we are proud to unveil our cutting-edge Android payment devices, bringing together our extensive experience with leading players in the POS market. Managed and supported by our robust Terminal Management System, our devices receive updates over the air and feature a remote Key Management System for added security.

Our value proposition encompasses convenience, speed, utility, affordability, and above all, security. With unparalleled security features, robust mobility, and support for modern payment and business applications, our cloud-managed devices seamlessly integrate traditional POS solutions with both card-present and card-not-present ecommerce functionalities.

Security is paramount, with multiple layers of protection ensuring the safety of device cloud connections worldwide. Our system supports long-term connections for millions of devices, handling 100,000 messages concurrently with minimal latency.

Furthermore, our system provides comprehensive one-stop management services, from data collection to application management. Users can efficiently manage equipment inventory, analyze and report on equipment usage, and export data via APIs, all through our intuitive interface.

With over 15 years of POS experience, you can be assured your business in the right hands whether it be technical support or consulting we will help your business grow in the right direction.

All our experienced and dedicated staff have experience within the retail and hospitality trade therefore we understand the importance of ensuring your POS system is running smoothly always.

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We offer full Odyssey point of sale hardware and software rentals.