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General Retail

Easy to use Till Module

Till module has all the till functions on one single screen. Full keyboard and mouse functionality are easily supported. The simple and intuitive interface allows for easy understanding and minimal Teller Training.

Debtors Module

Retailers need systems that give them the flexibility to create different debtor types. Touch365 Point of Sale caters for granting credit limits and variable date driven terms to trusted entities with a proven track record of payment; as well as creating cash debtors.

Suppliers Module

The Suppliers Module tracks all purchases from the various suppliers. This module is important in terms of tracking the last price paid for items purchased, the volume of business per supplier and outstanding payments to suppliers.

Inventory Management

Our POS software allows you to maintain product pricing and quantity levels in one place. Track inventory by department and category in your POS system and set automatic alerts for when your product runs low. Easily add new items to the software to keep your inventory up to date.

Reporting and Analytics

With our retail POS software, start making decisions based on data instead of on a hunch. Determine your top selling items and departments and know what products are driving your bottom line. Easily run hourly, daily, or monthly reports. Detailed sales reporting showing turnover, profit and margin % allow for absolute control and insights into the operations of the business.

Back-Office Management

Taking the hassle out of managing your day to day operations as well as sales reports and accounting, The Touch365 Point of Sale Back Office Module provides daily and monthly utilities, reports, reprinting, cash-ups and much more.

Those are just a few main features:

  • Unlimited Number of Users (Cashiers, Supervisors, Managers, etc)
  • Hot Keys (shortcut keys) is configurable to work with POS or standard keyboards.
  • Customize POS App with your Logo.
  • Stock running low screen with easy ordering.
  • Scheduled price updates
  • Setup Promotions to run for specific periods.
  • Vouchers – Flexible setup of discount vouchers
  • Combo Deals – Example: buy one get one free, buy 5 for the price off ... etc.
  • Customer Tier Prices – Allow customers to pay a special tier price. Tier price automatically selected when customer card scanned or swiped.
  • Customize security levels for tasks (Reprints, refunds, void sale, etc)
  • Supports compound items (menu items) that consists of multiple sub items
  • Multiple payment methods per sale (Credit/Debit Card, Cash, Account, Check/Cheque). – Flexible payment options – Payment option can be configured.

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