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Why should businesses use PalmPay?

  1. It's totally free.
  2. It's future-proof. Accept one or more Cryptocurrencies without worrying about picking the right one. Coins such as Bitcoin, Steem, Dash, Monero, bitUSD, bitEUR, Bitshares, etc.
  3. No special hardware is needed; Any android device will work (card swipe terminals, tablets, smartphones, etc).
  4. Coins received are price-pegged and instantly converted to BTS or Smartcoins (bitUSD, bitEUR, bitRUB, bitCNY, bitMXN, etc) eliminating coin volatility.
  5. It supports Loyalty Points; Reward customers with DEx (market-tradeable) tokens automatically. Your own coin!
  6. It's faster and safer than cash or cards.
  7. Transactions are fully confirmed in 3 seconds or less.
  8. ID Theft and Chargebacks are impossible.
  9. No bank account required.
  10. Super-scalable; Millions of Ops/sec (see
  11. Consumers pay the Network fee of 0.5% and that fee goes directly to the PalmPay Ambassador(s) in your city in 3 sec or less.
  12. Free, on-site support is possible thanks to the growing network of PalmPay Ambassadors (72 cities so far).

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