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Postech Direct point of sale hardware rental agreements can only be offer in the Johannesburg and 100 KM Johannesburg surrounding region area only.

Point of sale Software rental can be provided to all regions in South Africa Only.

Postech Direct South Africa full installation installs, service and support the following regions below:

Johannesburg And Surrounding Regions.
Limpopo And Surrounding Regions.
Mpumalanga And Surrounding Regions.
Free state And Surrounding Regions.

Software Remote Training

Training is done over 3 x days - 2 Hours training sessions per day over 3 days, covering each module of the software. Training manuals and training sheets will be provided per session. Generally, 2 persons from your company are included in this training. Generally, a Manager and Owner are trained in these sessions only.

Installation Onsite Or Onsite Training Requires

  1. Travel distance needs to be calculated into the final quote.
  2. Accommodation needs to be provided by customer for our technical staff over 3 days onsite.
  3. Internet need to be provided for each site for us to be able to offer you remote support.
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Sales Telephone Number: 083 228 1165 Monday – Friday ( 8am till 5pm)
Support Telephone Number: 073 836 4368

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