Pubs and Night Clubs

POS for Pubs and Nightclubs

In bar and nightclub settings, patrons expect the highest levels of service with the shortest possible wait times for food and drink. To achieve this, staff need a responsive, mobile point of sale system that balances ease of use with advanced functionality. And because style is a major factor in most bar POS systems and club POS systems, it must be available on hardware that is sleek enough to look at home in any setting. Sounds like a tall order, but as a global leader in the bar and restaurant POS space, PAR delivers in every way.

With advanced software solutions like PAR PixelPoint and the PAR EverServ POS hardware family, PAR is the POS solutions provider for premier bars in all corners of the globe. Plus, our extensive service partnerships make an already simple solution even easier to implement and manage.

PixelPoint POS software is provided as a monthly subscription, and upgrades are included and performed automatically. It delivers the features and functionality that bar POS systems and club POS systems demand including:

In bar settings, PAR EverServ point of sale hardware makes the perfect endpoint terminal for software like PixelPoint. PAR hardware has earned a reputation for quality and reliability, and EverServ brings bar POS systems and club POS systems designs that are sleek and sexy, yet robust enough to endure rigorous operating environments.

Together, PixelPoint and EverServ are equal parts simplicity and sophistication - and they're just one part of what PAR has to offer for a nightclub and bar POS system.

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